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Alun Parry is a socially conscious storytelling songwriter. His hopeful, uplifting folk songs tell inspiring stories of social and personal change. He makes you smile as he makes you think.

He is "an incurable champion of ordinary people." (R2 Magazine)

His songs and sound reflect the special geography of his Liverpool hometown. The foot stomping lilt of nearby Ireland. The gritty North American folk style of troubadours like Woody Guthrie. All laced with a Lennonesque twang.

Musically he has been compared to Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, Woody Guthrie, and Christy Moore.

In his songs, he chooses immaculately researched historical subject matter. They burst with clever, tension-filled drama and lyrical ambition.

With a rare ability to tell big stories with humour and hope, his music and live performances energise audiences and raise the spirit.

Given Alun's fierce independence, he relies on you to keep on backing him. Your support enables him to keep on making this kind of music and telling these stories.

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Alun Parry
Liverpool, UK
Known as the UK's Woody Guthrie, Alun Parry's music is uplifting, soul stirring, defiant, and tons of fun!

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